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Tax and Compliance

Connect Advisors employ some of Melbourne’s best tax accountants and tax and compliance experts, ready to deliver comprehensive tax services including:

  • Tax planning and tax structuring services
  • Tax accounting
  • Merger and acquisition transactions accounting
  • Tax compliance and audit accounting
  • Accounting for direct and indirect taxes
  • International tax accounting
  • Corporate governance and tax risk assessment
  • Tax accounting for trust accounts, companies, and joint ventures
  • Tax accounting for individuals, including personal tax return accounting
  • Expatriate tax accounting and employment remuneration

Here in Melbourne and Australia more broadly, the tax system and structure is complex and can be difficult to manage with the right experience and qualifications. This increases the risk of small oversights becoming incredibly costly mistakes as tax bills pile up or deductions are refused, making it vital that your tax position is managed by tax accountants with the required skills and experience.

Each business has its own circumstances and unique composition, just as each individual does. Connect Advisors tax accountants deliver services that are tailored to your circumstances and requirements.

Melbourne tax agents

Connect Advisors are registered tax agents, accredited as tax professionals who can meet a broad range of requirements for tax accounting and tax advice services.

Small business tax accountant 

Connect Advisors small business tax accountants are able to assist Melbourne small business entities with their accounting and tax services requirements, including:

  • Employment taxes, including Pay As You Go Withholding (PAYG), Payroll Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Employee Incentive Arrangements, and superannuation taxation
  • Workcover tax services
  • Indirect taxes including stamp duty, land tax, and GST
  • Tax structuring advice and tax effective exit strategies
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • And others

Our small business tax accountants also advise clients about the relevant tax concessions that may apply to their enterprise, and how to go about ensuring that all eligible concessions are applied at tax time.

Individual tax return 

Your personal or individual tax return is made easy by our team of Melbourne tax accountants at Connect Advisors. You don’t need to sit and pour over your records and receipts come tax time, our tax accountants can manage the tax return process for you, from start to finish. This includes preparing your tax return, gathering the relevant records from the access you give us, and lodging your personal tax return with the ATO.

Are you running late on your personal tax return? As registered tax accountants, we are able to handle some late tax returns and get them to the ATO before their extended deadline. Contact us today if you think you might be running behind in your personal tax affairs to avoid any issues.

Melbourne tax advisors

As registered tax agents, the tax accountant team at Connect Advisors is qualified and accredited to deliver comprehensive and effective tax advice for individuals, organizations, companies, small business entities, and anybody who might need nothing but the best tax advice here in Melbourne.
We regularly advice clients of all types and sizes across Melbourne on tax accounting and tax issues including:

  • Tax structure and compliance strategies
  • Indirect taxes including GST
  • Employment taxation such as payroll tax, fringe benefits tax, PAYG, and more
  • Tax for individuals and businesses

Commercial tax accountants 

Business and commercial accounting services make up a big part of what our accountants do here at Connect Advisors. If your Melbourne business or company requires advice from registered tax agents and experienced tax accountants, Connect Advisors are at your service.

Contact Connect Advisors Accountants today on (03) 9863 9779  to learn more about our Melbourne accounting services, or email us at